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Register as Umrah Seeker

The seekers can register in the Tawkeel mobile app through one of the following steps:

Mobile Number

After you enter the mobile number, you will receive a text message with a verification code so that the application can complete the registration process.

Through social media platforms

Choose the right platform for you and then follow the instructions. Once proceed with mobile number sign up or social media platform, lands on Profile screen to provide basic info along with Discount Code which is a reference number obtained through the authorized agents in user’s country, if any.

Add discount code

The discount code will allow you to get a better price, and you get the code from the approved agents in your country or by contacting through the support section.

Main Screen


Through this screen, you can request the umrah allowance for yourself or any other person. Select the Umrah tap, select the relation from the scrolling menu, and add the person’s name. After that, place the order.

Place Orders

Service Selection

As you can see on your home screen, umrah allowance cost would be based on your region such as if you are from Saudi Arabia then umrah cost would be shown in SAR for each order,after placing order, you will go to the supplication selection screen.

Supplications Options

After service selection, you are ready to fill a specific supplication or select from the ready-made options, as shown on the next screen. This step is optional

Payment Process

After supplication options selection,you can proceed to make a payment.You have to pay for the order via Payfort which supports multiple payment options such as VISA, Master card, Mada etc. OR Payment can also be made via E-wallet.Whereas, E-wallet has your account balance. E-wallet option would only be shown when you have an account balance.

Another way to make a payment is from card & e-wallet both by enabling the toggle to use the amount in e-wallet too in a case when balance is less than the order amount. Then, such transaction from card & wallet can be placed.

After successful payment, order is placed and waiting for a performer to accept the order.

Order is auto-assigned to the available performers. Once a performer accepts an order, you need to confirm the order.


Through this screen, you can see the status of your Umrah allowance requests, which are divided into two parts:

  1. Current Requests: By clicking on the icon, you can see your current Umrah performer detail and status. All the accepted, In-progress requests can be shown here.
  2. Previous Requests: A record of all the orders you made and their status in the system. Cancelled, Refunded & Completed orders can be viewed from Previous Requests.

Umrah allowance Tracking

Tawkeel App. It has a unique & competitive advantage that allows you to track all the rituals of Umrah (Manasik) from your mobile, step by step, and the ability to chat with the umrah performer if you need something to say to him. You can request more than one order at the same time.


Chatting service provides you a channel to communicate with the Umrah performer for any other things to be arranged or say in the rituals of Umrah (Manasik).


From this screen, you can enter or update the following:

User details

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Profile picture
  • Gender

App Language

Tawkeel App contains a wide range of languages, more than six languages.

Payment Details

You can view the transactions made to purchase orders along with their invoices.


You can choose to enable or disable your notifications

Location Service

Activate the location service to identify the Umrahperformer’s current location for a better tracking follow-up.

Discount Code

Since discount code can be availed one time. From setting, another discount code can be added to avail the service.

About the App

Following sections are shown for your guidance & support as,

  • About Tawkeel
  • User Manual
  • Partners
  • FAQs
  • Support
  • Logout