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The opportunity and ability to find someone to perform Umrah on your behalf at any time

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Sharia Fatwa​

From the legal authority according to the fatwa of lmam Bin Baz : There is nothing wrong with the agent performing the Umrah and Hajj On behalf of another person, provided that he performed it for himself first.

Application idea

This application provides a power of attorney service for those who cannot perform Hajj and Umrah.


Where the company has devised a program through which the delegation process to others who carried out on a regular and innovative basis and in different languages that enable both parties to communicate and benefit as stated in the legal fatwa to facilitate the Umrah performance on their behalf.

Beautiful Design

Beautiful Design

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Application Objectives

Application Objectives


Facilitating Umrah
and visiting pilgrims who are unable to perform the rituals of the sick, the elderly and those with limited income


Keeping pace with the
2030 Kingdom's vision
digital transformation in
all services


Finding an innovative way to
increase the income of young
men and women who are
qualified for part-rime work

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The opportunity and ability to find someone to perform Umrah on your behalf at any time.

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Application Steps

The customer downloads the application and asks the performer to perform the Hajj or Umrah on behalf of the deceased, the sick or himself.

The participant who performs the rituals of Hajj or Umrah must enter the application and accept the request and communicate with the person who assigned him.

The application allows sharing rituals between the two parties, whereby the person performing the rituals confirms the steps of the rituals, starting from the intention of lhram until cutting hair

The application records the steps of the rituals in full and shows them to the one who appointed them to live the atmosphere with the person performing the ritual

The assigned person can write the prayer that he wants the performer to say on his behalf during the performance of the rituals.

The application preservers the rights of all parties in the contractual process

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